Surf Shop

Just Stand is a small, one-man operation, located just outside of Halifax in the rural community of Seaforth Nova Scotia. My primary focus is on hard goods, both Surfboards and Stand up Paddleboards. We don’t carry much in the way of soft goods, so we are able to stock 75 plus boards, and double that amount in wetsuits, in a very small space. We are one of the larger hard good providers in HRM…and let’s face it, you surf most of the time in a wetsuit around these parts, not in a pile of surf clothing. Our hard good product lines focus on practical surfboard designs ideally suited for our surf conditions. The walls of our shop are lined with fishes, hybrids, eggs, both high performance longboards and traditional logs. I’ve chosen shapers that I’ve worked with closely for decades and personally know the quality of their workmanship. I am honored to carry their surfboards here at Just Stand.

If we don’t have what you’re looking for on hand, then why not order a custom? Because of my past working relationships with these shapers, ordering customs becomes a breeze and you become part of the process. I can say from first hand experience that developing a continuous open dialogue with a surfboard shaper, will dramatically improve your surfing. The shapers we work with are widely regarded by industry members and their peers, as some of the very best in the business. They would love to take part in developing your custom surfboard with creating a board best suited to your needs. We can provide you with that experience here at Just Stand.