Larry Mabile

Larry Mabile or “Larmo”…Doer of good deeds….. Larry grew up in Pacific Beach, California and spent his early days bombing hills, surfing law street, the point, and working as a captain on a fishing boat. Learning to surf in 1973 led him to his first job in the surfboard industry for G&S in 1979. During his time at G&S, Larry shaped and worked with legendary surfer and shaper, Skip Fry. He continued to hone his craft while at G&S through the 1990’s. From 1990 through 2000, Larry worked for Xanadu and Third World Exotic. Additionally, he also worked for Kane Garden and was the primary architect/designer for their surfboard line including the famous Kane Garden Fish. Currently, Larry is dedicated full time to his own surfboard companies, Third World Exotic and Larry Mabile Surfboards.

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Pat Rawson

Pat Rawson has been shaping surfboards since 1966, and manufacturing surfboards on the North Shore of Oahu since 1972. Combining pre-proven, innovative custom designs with handcrafted experience, Rawson shapes and sells to 19 countries worldwide from 6 hi-tech manufacturing locations. His acclaim ranges from his home-base on Sunset Beach; Oahu, to the shores of California, Europe, Central and South America, Japan, and Australia. Over the last 30 years, Rawson has built North Shore custom quivers for the many traveling pros that flock to Hawaii each Fall season.

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Jim Phillips

Jim is a three-time US Champion surfer, a three-time East Coast Champion surfer, shaper of over 45,000 surfboards and 1998 Surfing Hall of Fame inductee, with a career spanning 49 years. This is someone who knows why a surfboard works and how to craft you the finest functional surfboard around. From humble beginnings in his Dad’s carport in Pearl City, Hawaii, to his becoming an integral part of Hobie operations in 1964, Jim has remained one of the surfing industry’s best kept secrets.

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Bill Minard

“The Speed Egg is my most requested board. I have been perfecting this shape since 1976 and by 1982 had incorporated tri and quad fins in to the design. Since 1982, my personal favorite has remained the Four Fin Speed Egg.” After 47 years of surfing and 37 years of shaping, I continue to enjoy the art of building custom surfboards by hand from start to finish. I shape in excess of 1,200 boards per year and still dawn patrol 5 days a week.

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Marcio Zouvi

Established in 1992, SHARP EYE surfboards is filling a gap in the market with an unprecedented commitment to consistency, quality and customer service.
Since its beginning, founder Marcio Zouvi has had the vision of creating a surfboard company that would have an open door to the customer and to establish a friendly environment in which the surfer’s satisfaction is the number one priority.

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Josh Hall

My boards are truly, 100% hand-shaped, custom built boards surfboards. The only machines I use are the Skil 100 and Accurate power planes along with my own two hands. Now I say truly 100% hand shaped because that is what they are, no shaping machines used and no ghost shapers. “One order, one blank, one custom at a time.”

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