Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP)

Although my experience with SUP is short by comparison with that of surfing, over the past few years I found myself spending as much time in the water SUPing maybe even more then surfing. As surfers here in Nova Scotia we spend a considerable amount of time in holding patterns waiting for swell to arrive, and stand up paddling has been a wonderful way to get that water time we all crave. SUP is the fastest growing water sport in the world and is fast and easy to learn for all ages and physical abilities. HRM is blessed with a wide range of water- ways (ocean, lake and river) and here at Just Stand Paddleboards & surf we have something for everyone. For our SUP lines we work together with the expert shapers and designers from Boardworks USA and Canada. We carry a wide variety of size and style’s of Sup’s for you to choose from (flat water, cross over, Surf, and river). Rusty, Ohana, Morrelli and Melvin, Mini Mod, Infinity, Joy Ride and Raven are here in stock. We have demo boards here and are available to help you decide which board and style that might be right for you. Stop by sometime and check one out.


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